Circus Skills Icebreaker Sessions are a great way to start the day at a conference or long day of meetings and presentations. Allowing time at the start of the day to have some fun and awaken the senses is a great way to set a positive mood for the day.
Circus icebreaker sessions are usually 45 to 60 minutes long and participants get the chance to learn either ball juggling, plate spinning or both.

Set up time is very short and in most cases there is no need to rearrange the room in order to run these sessions.

Circus skills ice breaker session for corporate team building.

In the past we have run circus skills ice breakers for groups of 10 to 250 people.
The group size will affect how the session is run. A larger group size benefits from the session being led by one instructor on a stage with a microphone, whilst other instructors mingle with delegates helping them attain their new circus skills.
Arrangements can be made for participants to keep a set of juggling balls or a spinning plate to take home with them.

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