Team Building

Circus skills workshops work really well as a team building activity. Sessions are totally inclusive, there’s something for everyone.
Our circus skills team building activities lean towards participants working together, supporting and encouraging each other throughout the session. That said… we can also add a non serious competitive element if required.
Tuition and demonstrations are given throughout the team building sessions.

Team Building Session Example,
2hrs Duration

1. Instructors introduce the circus skills session, show off some of their own skills and let participants know what to expect during the session. Health & safety is also addressed at this point.

2. Ball juggling from basic one, two and three balls.  Leading to pairing people up and learning to juggle with two people and three balls.  This is not as hard as one might think, and is a great way to get beginner jugglers interacting.

3. Plate spinning is actually quite easy and everyone generally gets a sense of satisfaction very quickly.  Once learnt, we can progress to more challenging tricks and encourage interaction between participants.

4. Diabolo juggling.  Each person will learn to spin, throw and catch a diabolo.  Once they have learnt this, the group can be encouraged to throw a diabolo between two or more partners.

5.  Balancing skills.  This includes tight rope and unicyling.  Workshoppers are instructed on technique and safety.  Everyone is encouraged to have a go or provide support to others until ready to go alone!

Optional extra. Participants get to show off their new skills in front of the rest of the group. This can be judged to give a competitive element to the session. Allow and extra 20 to 30 mins for this.

Group Size

Over the years, Solo Circus has provided team building sessions for groups from 10 to 250 participants.
A session with a small group of up to 20, can be run by just one instructor. Once numbers go over 20, we usually supply one circus instructor to every 25 participants.

In circus workshops with up to 40 participants, the group usually all work on learning the same circus skill at the same time.
When numbers are over 40 , the participants are split into smaller groups that rotate around different stations, learning different skills at each with a different instructor.

Circus Skills Taught

Ball Juggling
Club Juggling
Plate Spinning
Devil Sticks
Balloon Modelling
Hat Juggling
Cigar Boxes
Hula Hooping
Wire Walking
Object Balancing

The skills taught in a particular circus skills workshop may vary, depending on requirements and any venue restrictions. Clients will be advised on the best options for their event.

What To Wear

Comfortable, non restrictive clothing with flat soled shoes – trainers are ideal.
Fancy dress optional!

circus skills fancy dress

Please get in touch to discuss your event and get a quote.